Sherman Arnowitz
Keyhole Financial Services, LLC
Keyhole Academy, LLC
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For over 25 years, Sherman Arnowitz, founder and president of Keyhole Financial Services, has been buying, selling and managing workouts of distressed second mortgages. He has created and managed funds with thousands of distressed second mortgage notes and has continually paid out returns to private investors in excess of 20%.

As a pioneer of the second mortgage market, Sherman’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, excellent reputation, along with his vast Rolodex of contacts, has made him one of the leaders in the industry.

Observing more and more people clamoring to get involved in the distressed note business, in 2013, Sherman and his team created, Keyhole Academy, an online program offering courses designed to educate students interested in learning how to invest in the distressed mortgage market.

Keyhole Academy also offers students the opportunity to partner up with their Joint-Venture Mentorship Program, which offers continual one-on-one strategies.


Fuquan Bilal
NNG Capital Fund, LLC 

Fuquan Bilal is the CEO of NNG Capital Fund. He utilizes his more than 20 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities and capitalize on them. 

Today Fuquan heads up a multimillion-dollar alternative investment fund. Additionally, he is an author and father to two budding entrepreneurs. 

NNG Capital Fund, LLC has been established to give investors unique access to a diversified hybrid portfolio of mortgage notes and residential real estate at attractive annual yields. 

Daniel I. Singer
Singer Law Group

Daniel I. Singer combines extensive legal and corporate compliance and legal oversight management experience giving his clients the advantage of an attorney capable of understanding more than just the legal implications of a transaction or matter in litigation.  Clients are represented by a lawyer who understands the real world challenges and pragmatic decisions facing today’s businesses. 

Mr. Singer is the founder of Singer Law Group.  Mr. Singer’s practice involves representing primarily mortgage lenders, loan servicers, private equity firms and other financial institutions in various in corporate, real estate and business transactional matters; with a focus on acquisitions of performing and non-performing first and second mortgages, bankruptcy, loan recovery and loss mitigation.  The cases Mr. Singer handles range from lien priority disputes, lender liability defense, adversary proceedings, and title claims.  In addition, Mr. Singer served as outside general counsel for a number of private equity firms and family offices managing and overseeing all aspects of litigation.

Mr. Singer is a graduate of University of Minnesota, and California Western School of Law.  He is admitted to practice law in California and Nevada and all Federal Courts in California and Nevada.     

Bill McCafferty
Peoples Mortgage Relief II, LLC

Bill McCafferty is a full time Asset Manager for Peoples Mortgage Relief II, LLC (PMR II). He really enjoys assisting other Note Investors in the business, in whatever way possible.

Bill has managed well over 1,000 Re-Performing & Non-Performing 2nd Mortgages. His true skill is building & managing Portfolios of Re-Performing & Non- Performing 2nd Mortgage Notes. He has well over 10 years of experience in all aspects of Residential Real Estate.

Bill’s preferred exit strategy for managing Non- Performing 2nd Mortgages is to help Homeowners keep their house. Through this effort he has allowed many residents across the United States to keep their homes.

Bill specializes in building simple procedures, processes and systems that allow him to manage Assets, Attorneys, Borrowers, Note Portfolios, and Servicers across the country.

Kevin J Cordell
Madison Management Services, LLC

Kevin J Cordell is the Founder and CEO of Madison Management Services, LLC a specialty loan servicer based in New Jersey. Kevin gained experience in the default note space just prior to the market downturn in 2008. He started Madison Management Services to help other small investors work their non-performing loans and turn them into performing assets or other strategies to liquidate the note through refinancing, payoffs or sale of real estate. Kevin is an experienced note investor and focuses on turning non-performing mortgages into re-performing loans.

He has gained specialized knowledge in working with junior liens, seriously delinquent loans and topics in bankruptcy. Kevin also manages several note investment funds focusing on residential real estate.

Kevin has been a frequent speaker at investor events on the topics of bankruptcy, loan servicing and loss mitigation strategies for investors.

Prior to getting into the mortgage space, Kevin worked in Information Systems Technology as a software developer, database developer, systems support specialist and a systems manager implementing inventory management systems at manufacturing facilities.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Business Administration from Redlands University.